Welcome to CFNM Auditions where fully-clothed women get their male subjects to strip naked and present their bodies for inspection.

These men want to work in porn, but have they got what it takes? Can they take direction? How will they cope presenting their penises and arseholes to a group of women for judgement? No area of their bodies is off-limits for the female interviewers. This might well the tougest and most shameful experience of their lives...
LAST UPDATED: Mar 20th 2024
Audition - Jacob - Part 2
Jacob is aware that he's just one of many men that these women have met and auditioned today. As he stands before them stark naked he frantically wonders how he can stand out and impress them. More than anything else he wants to be their new star. He's never felt so vulnerable and exposed before in his life!
When the nervous men arrive they have no idea what to expect.
They stand uncomfortably as the women order them to strip off.
If they're too slow, the women jump up and take charge!
Audition - James - Part 2
James has passed the first stage of the interview. He's been brave enough to remove all his clothes before this group of horny, tightly clothed women. For the next part of his test, he'll have to measure up to the women's strict body standards and work up a hard on.
Every part of their body is carefully evaluated by the fully-clothed ladies.
Even the most intimate of parts the men would prefer to keep hidden.
Before long the men are completely at their mercy - but will they pass the audition?
Audition - Johan - Part 1
Johan is incredbly handsome, young and good looking - more suited to the fashion runways of Milan or Paris than being stripped naked and degraded by our team of female judges. But we don't do fashion shows so who gives a fuck! Lucy and Kat waste no time stripping the clothes from the bemused boy and then disposing of them. Left totally naked he is then thoroughly examined and made to get down on all fours at the girls' feet for an anal inspection. After being paraded in front of Lexi and Alice the girls decide to mock his good looks by staging a farcical catwalk show in which Johan, still naked, has to model essential items such as sunglasses, ties, watches, and heavy ankle-cuffs. The naughty girls then make him kneel in front of them to humiliatingly masturbate while they grope, fondle and laugh at him.
Audition - Leon - Part 1
Leon Foster is an incredibly fit personal trainer and charismatic ladies' man. But whenever he's not at the gym or dancing at the club, he's plotting when he'll next get laid! He is a sex maniac and can never get enough. He's also hungry for the fame and imagines being a porn star that women worship and men envy. This is his big opportunity and his first audition...
Audition - Henry - Part 3
Henry's cock springs to attention under the women's scrutiny. He can feel their warm bodies so close to him as they surround him. Their giggling teases him as they continue to examine him and he finds himself helpless and in their thrall. He realises he has no say in what happens in this room. The women dictate the terms and he must obey if he wants to continue in their favour. This process separates the men from the boys - the question is, does Henry have what it takes?
Audition - Max - Part 1
Our first potential model for CFNMTV auditions on this day was Max. He's a 26 year-old Australian mechanic. He describes himself as a highly sexed aspiring porn star. The girls were hot and randy for their first porn wannabe and eager to get their hands in there. Lucy takes charge and makes the commands. Anna and Natasha take a long eyeful. Katalin and Carolyn get a full handful and taste of the timid, young hopeful. It was a hot day on this CFNM Audition...
Audition - Ricco - Part 1
Ricco is a bit of a ladies' man but even he is intimidated being surrounded by so many beautiful and confident women. He's quite good at doing as he's told - which the interviewers give him extra marks for. They need to see just how obedient this man can be before they decide if he's any good for working in porn...
Audition - Marcel - Part 1
Marcel is an 18-year old demolition man and his dick has a mind of its own. The girls eyes went wide in amazement with his smooth body and enormous cock. This was Marcel's first time in a sexual situation with more than one woman so he was very shy and quiet. But he didn't need to speak, his hard eager dick did all the work!
Audition - Mike - Part 1
The women boss Mike about like he's a piece of meat - which to them, he is! He tried to maintain a smile as he follows their direction, but it gets harder and harder for him to retain control as their instructions get ever more demeaning. If he'd have known it would be like this he definitely wouldn't have turned up!
Audition - Phil - Part 1
Phil tries to hide his shyness at being naked in front of the confident women. But he soon relaxes and gets into the role of being told what to do. His big heavy penis and testicles hang temptingly between his legs and his big round bottom really gets the interviewers going. All perfect to be cast in one of our videos!
Audition - Adam - Part 1
Despite being a first-timer, Adam shows beautifully how a few well-chosen answers to the girls' probing questions help make that all-too-vital good first impression. His gorgeous arse doesn't do him any harm either. But none of that matters if he cannot handle being intimately examined and toyed with by the female interviewers.
Audition - Antonio - Part 3
Suddenly Tony is under a lot of pressure. It was all fun and games before, but now it's serious. The women want to see him shoot his load - he's no use to them if he can't perform. With the intoxicating aroma of the women surrounding him and their delicate hands wandering all over his naked body - he's already very close. But does he have enough to pass this audition or will the women send him packing?
Audition - James - Part 1
Meet James. He's 24 years old and works in the automotive industry with other men all day long. He loves sex and is eager to break into the porn industry! His first test will be to strip on command for our group of female interviewers.
Audition - Henry - Part 2
Being in the presence of such confident women is a totally new experience for young Henry but he quickly learns just how much fun it can be. His whole body feels alive and his skin becomes ultra-sensitive to the women's touches. They turn their attentions to his pert backside, pulling his firm buttocks apart and examining his un-touched anus. It's impossible for them to resist spanking him with rulers, bringing a shiny red glow to his arse. It's an honour for Henry to be able to serve these powerful women as their plaything.
Audition - Antonio - Part 2
It's a totally new and mind-blowing experience for Tony to be surrounded and under the power of a group of commanding women. They are completely in charge and push and pull his athletic physique into whatever positions they desire. As they encircle him and examine his exposed body he starts to realise just what it means to be a naked male in the thrall of clothed females.
Audition - Henry - Part 1
Having to strip naked for the four giggling ladies is like nothing Henry has ever had to do before. But he manages to overcome his shyness with the women's encouragement. They openly stare and evaluate his youthful, athletic body, his firm backside and heavy, thick penis. As he starts to relax, Henry becomes more confident and plays up for his audience. The temptation soon proves to be too much and it's not long before the women pounce on their new toy.
Audition - Antonio - Part 1
Antonio practically swaggers into the room, bursting with excitement at being alone with the three attractive females. He teases the women, stripping slowly for them - allowing them to savour every moment. They realise they are going to have a lot of fun with this young pup - especially since he seems very good at doing just as he's told. Despite his cocky bravado, the women are aware that he is very naive and inexperienced - exactly the sort of lad they like to work with and teach how to serve.
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