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Welcome to CFNM Auditions where fully-clothed women get their male subjects to strip naked and present their bodies for inspection.

These men want to work in porn, but have they got what it takes? Can they take direction? How will they cope presenting their penises and arseholes to a group of women for judgement? No area of their bodies is off-limits for the female interviewers. This might well the tougest and most shameful experience of their lives...
LAST UPDATED: Jul 17th 2024
Audition - James - Part 3
The women decide that James' body is fit enough, but he hasn't yet been able to get an erection. As a last resort, Katalin offers to fluff him. If he doesn't get it up soon, he'll be out the door.

When the nervous men arrive they have no idea what to expect.
They stand uncomfortably as the women order them to strip off.
If they're too slow, the women jump up and take charge!
Audition - Antonio - Part 3
Suddenly Tony is under a lot of pressure. It was all fun and games before, but now it's serious. The women want to see him shoot his load - he's no use to them if he can't perform. With the intoxicating aroma of the women surrounding him and their delicate hands wandering all over his naked body - he's already very close. But does he have enough to pass this audition or will the women send him packing?
Every part of their body is carefully evaluated by the fully-clothed ladies.
Even the most intimate of parts the men would prefer to keep hidden.
Before long the men are completely at their mercy - but will they pass the audition?
Training - Paul - Part 3
A much more subdued Paul sits surrounded by the three trainers wanking furiously. The women have successfully curbed his earlier arrogance and he is now totally complaint. They watch and encourage him as he tugs on his penis desperate to cum for them. But Paul still has one more lesson to learn, and that's how dismissive the ladies can be once they've got what they want...
Training - Michael - Part 3
Surrounded by the three domineering women, Michael is completely under their power. His body under their control. For someone so macho it's unnerving to be manhandled in such an offhand manner. But the women are determined to drain his balls dry of every last drop of his precious sperm. All he can do is lay there helplessly as they eagerly take hold of him and work him up into a frenzy.
Audition - Henry - Part 3
Henry's cock springs to attention under the women's scrutiny. He can feel their warm bodies so close to him as they surround him. Their giggling teases him as they continue to examine him and he finds himself helpless and in their thrall. He realises he has no say in what happens in this room. The women dictate the terms and he must obey if he wants to continue in their favour. This process separates the men from the boys - the question is, does Henry have what it takes?
Training - Joe - Part 2
For heterosexual men the most difficult part of the audition is giving up their anal virginity. Most of them think taking anything up their arse is the most degrading thing they can endure. Young Joe however is so cocky that he tries to brazen it out and make a joke of it. But you can see by the expression on his face that he's hating every painful minute of it. As the objects being inserted get bigger he's suddenly lost for words and obviously wondering why he agreed to this audition.
Training - Antonio - Part 2
Proud Antonio has never allowed anything up his arse before. The very thought makes him sick to his stomach. However he's determined to prove himself in front of the imperious trainers so agrees to the next stage of the audition. His arse is so tight that even a delicate ladies finger causes him to wince in pain. But the women have no intention of stopping there - and it's going to be a real challenge for Antonio not to run crying from the room.
Audition - Leon - Part 2
Leon was surprised to see his audition is being conducted by women! He considers himself man enough to handle any number of ladies but the way they are talking makes him feel like he's only there to be their sexual plaything and he must do whatever he can to impress. He's not accustomed to completely surrendering control but it's an arousing new prospect...
Audition - James - Part 2
James has passed the first stage of the interview. He's been brave enough to remove all his clothes before this group of horny, tightly clothed women. For the next part of his test, he'll have to measure up to the women's strict body standards and work up a hard on.
Audition - Jacob - Part 2
Jacob is aware that he's just one of many men that these women have met and auditioned today. As he stands before them stark naked he frantically wonders how he can stand out and impress them. More than anything else he wants to be their new star. He's never felt so vulnerable and exposed before in his life!
Audition - Antonio - Part 2
It's a totally new and mind-blowing experience for Tony to be surrounded and under the power of a group of commanding women. They are completely in charge and push and pull his athletic physique into whatever positions they desire. As they encircle him and examine his exposed body he starts to realise just what it means to be a naked male in the thrall of clothed females.
Training - Paul - Part 2
The trainers hadn't forgotten Paul's earlier cheek and were determined to make this stage of the process unforgettable for him. They start by invading his arsehole with their delicate fingers, but that is only a warm up for bigger things. He just about manages to cope with the butt plug but when he sees the size of the dildo he starts to freak out. By the end of the session that confident smile has been completely wiped off his face and is replaced by a grimace. He learns a valuable lesson about how to behave for these confident women.
Audition - Steve - Part 2
The ladies are revelling in the opportunity to get an eyeful of this dirty blonde surfer dude. He's theirs to command however they wish and it's delicious putting this cocky fella in his place. Steve thinks he can impress them with his bragging and bravado but they are only interested in his body and how willing he is to serve them in any way they desire!
Training - Michael - Part 2
Unsure and apprehensive, Michael is totally under the power of the three confident women. They decide he's to spend the whole of this session on his hands and knees - subservient to them. The biggest test for proud heterosexual Michael is having things inserted into his arse. He does his best to brazen it out, even pretending to enjoy it - but the amount he sweats and the horrified look on his face tell a different story. He's quickly learning that it takes a lot of hard work to be a CFNM model...
Audition - Henry - Part 2
Being in the presence of such confident women is a totally new experience for young Henry but he quickly learns just how much fun it can be. His whole body feels alive and his skin becomes ultra-sensitive to the women's touches. They turn their attentions to his pert backside, pulling his firm buttocks apart and examining his un-touched anus. It's impossible for them to resist spanking him with rulers, bringing a shiny red glow to his arse. It's an honour for Henry to be able to serve these powerful women as their plaything.
Training - Joe - Part 1
London geezer Joe is as cocky as they come. He works as a banker in The City and is used to being top dog. When he's out he flashes the cash to try and impress the ladies. None of this has any effect on these women, who always get their own way and never take no for an answer. All they want from him is obedience while they slowly strip him off and explore his naked body. They don't care how much he earns, they just want to see how big his dick is and how heavy his balls are.
Audition - Max - Part 1
Our first potential model for CFNMTV auditions on this day was Max. He's a 26 year-old Australian mechanic. He describes himself as a highly sexed aspiring porn star. The girls were hot and randy for their first porn wannabe and eager to get their hands in there. Lucy takes charge and makes the commands. Anna and Natasha take a long eyeful. Katalin and Carolyn get a full handful and taste of the timid, young hopeful. It was a hot day on this CFNM Audition...
Audition - Scott 2 - Part 1
Despite his smiles, this is a totally new experience for Scott and he's clearly nervous. At the same time, he's meekly compliant - which scores him lots of points with the imperious ladies. They will examine and test him to the limit while the nervous lad starts to learn just what it takes to be a CFNM model.
Training - Antonio - Part 1
Shy Brazilian Antonio just wants to get into porn to shag women. He's used to women throwing themselves at him and is definitely not used to having to work for it. Things are very different here where he'll get nowhere unless he impresses our strict trainers. But his strength is his willingness to do what he's told even when it clearly makes him feel uncomfortable. That and his lean athletic body definitely got our trainers worked up!
Audition - Scott - Part 1
Scott is the first lucky boy up for the second round of auditions. Like the others he thinks this is the usual way young men are selected for the chance of big bucks and easy fucks in the porn industry. Instead he is given his first ever taste of CFNM. The naive lad is first stripped naked by Lucy and Katalin who then grill him about what activities he is prepared to do for the camera, which funnily enough all involve him degrading himself for the pleasure of women. Later on, after he is introduced to Lexi and Alice, Scott is surprised to find that they want to try out some of the things he stupidly agreed to there and then! This includes all the girls spanking his bare behind, masturbating for their entertainment and then doing something unnatural with his own cum!
Audition - Marcel - Part 1
Marcel is an 18-year old demolition man and his dick has a mind of its own. The girls eyes went wide in amazement with his smooth body and enormous cock. This was Marcel's first time in a sexual situation with more than one woman so he was very shy and quiet. But he didn't need to speak, his hard eager dick did all the work!
Audition - Leon - Part 1
Leon Foster is an incredibly fit personal trainer and charismatic ladies' man. But whenever he's not at the gym or dancing at the club, he's plotting when he'll next get laid! He is a sex maniac and can never get enough. He's also hungry for the fame and imagines being a porn star that women worship and men envy. This is his big opportunity and his first audition...
The Beauty Contest - Part 1
Lucy makes the men parade out of their holding pen and line up before the discriminating ladies. This is where the truth of what the panel think of their audition comes out and the defenceless men have to take whatever they give them. The potential models are torn. They are afraid to be so openly discussed, but also find it stimulating. Rob certainly does! The female judges are having a lovely time treating the lads like a row of meat at the butcher shop.
Audition - David - Part 1
Here at CFNM Auditions we know that not any man is suitable to appear in our productions. Go up to any of the millions of dumb cavemen who live on this planet and mention CFNM and they'll more likely guess it's the latest business caught in an accounting scandal than the biggest sexual high you can have. The girls here can't just judge a man on his body, cock, balls and ejaculation ability - although that is great fun to do. They must touch his soul and see if he has the makings of a true follower of CFNM. None of the candidates are warned that they will be involved in a CFNM scene, we want to see their natural reaction. Now we offer to you David. Is he a natural?
Audition - Sam - Part 1
Sam is a well brought up and intelligent young man. Seeing him here you can probably imagine him struggling with a heavy bio-chemistry thesis while all the time his young mind is plagued by thoughts. Sexual thoughts that, try as he might, he can't get rid of. We at CFNM Auditions try to help him release some of his pent up urges by inviting him along to audition, and this is the video you are about to watch.
Audition - James - Part 1
Meet James. He's 24 years old and works in the automotive industry with other men all day long. He loves sex and is eager to break into the porn industry! His first test will be to strip on command for our group of female interviewers.
Audition - Antonio - Part 1
Antonio practically swaggers into the room, bursting with excitement at being alone with the three attractive females. He teases the women, stripping slowly for them - allowing them to savour every moment. They realise they are going to have a lot of fun with this young pup - especially since he seems very good at doing just as he's told. Despite his cocky bravado, the women are aware that he is very naive and inexperienced - exactly the sort of lad they like to work with and teach how to serve.
Audition - Henry - Part 1
Having to strip naked for the four giggling ladies is like nothing Henry has ever had to do before. But he manages to overcome his shyness with the women's encouragement. They openly stare and evaluate his youthful, athletic body, his firm backside and heavy, thick penis. As he starts to relax, Henry becomes more confident and plays up for his audience. The temptation soon proves to be too much and it's not long before the women pounce on their new toy.
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